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Detective Comics Box Set

MSRP: $49.99
Out of stock

The Detective Comics Box Set includes Batman, Robin, Batgirl, The Riddler and Bat-Mite figures, and is accompanied by the special Detective Comics Classics book which encapsulates the following stories: “Riddler's Prison-Puzzle Problem!” from Detective Comics #377, “Tall, Dark, Handsome---and Missing!” from Detective Comics #384, “Hunt for the Helpless Hostage!” from Detective Comics #385, “The Invader from Hell!” from Batman Family #1, and “Bat-Mite” from Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #2.

Batman: Batman is clad in his classic blue and grey costume, with the black bat insignia silhouetted against a yellow background. Batman, In addition to defending Gotham City against the depraved likes of Two-Face, Clayface, Killer Croc and even the Joker, Batman provides strategic coordination and overall leadership on behalf of the Justice League.

Robin: Robin is clad in his classic red and green costume, complete with fluttering yellow cape. Serving as ward to Bruce Wayne and sidekick to Batman, Robin is benefited by fighting prowess derived from a mixture of natural acrobatics and the highly disciplined teachings of Batman.

Batgirl: Batgirl is clad in her classic black and yellow costume, complete with blue cape. Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon, avidly followed the legendary exploits of Batman closely, and then eventually trained herself for the same line of work. While maintaining her more docile alter ego, she established her secret identity as Batgirl and eventually introduced herself as an ally to Batman.

The Riddler: The leering Riddler is clad in his classic acid-green question marked-bedecked costume, and equipped with his trademark question mark cane. The Riddler’s status as one of Batman’s most venerable adversaries is predicated on his complex intellect and his subsequent ability to devise seemingly unsolvable puzzles and elaborate traps.

Bat-Mite: The diminutive, potbellied Bat-Mite is clad in an ergonomic parody of the grey and blue Batman uniform. Benefited by boundless reality warping power, Bat-Mite is an Imp essentially serving as Batman’s version of the irksome Mister Mxyzptlk, although, whereas most Mxyzptlk-generated mishaps are deliberate, Bat-Mite’s misadventures, stemming from his childlike worship of Batman, are inadvertent.
Figures come mint in sealed box
Box is C-8 or better
Perfect for opening or display