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Dewback with Imperial Sandtrooper Exclusive Box Set

Price: Out Of Stock
Out of stock

Featuring multiple points of articulation and scaled to accommodate the 3 ¾” Sandtrooper figure, the Patrol Dewback figure is outfitted with saddle and reins; the Sandtrooper figure is clad in modified armor with specialized gear, and is equipped with a blaster pistol and prod accessory. Outfitted with cooling systems and oxygen filters, Sandtroopers were specially trained and equipped for their tour of duty on Tatooine. Keeping to comparatively cosmopolitan spots on Tattooine, like Mos Eisley, Sandtroopers were unsuccessfully charged with the task of locating and reacquiring the two missing droids R2-D2 and C-3PO. Indigenous to the wastes of Tatooine, Dewbacks were omnivorous quadrupeds which were domesticated both by residents of Tatooine and visitors to the desert planet; they were subsequently harnessed by Imperials during the Sandtroopers’ occupation of Tatooine.

Comes mint in sealed box

Box is a C-8 or better

Perfect for opening or display