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(Instead of putting that finger in your nose, pick our brains & put your nose in a good book!)

Joe Just Joe
1. Lazarus Book One TPB: Rucka and Lark back together on a creator owned title?!  Post apocalyptic sociopolitical back drop with sci-fi framing devices?!  What's not to love??  These guys blew my mind with Gotham Central years ago, and they've both matured quite a bit since then so - READ THIS SERIES

2. Sandman Overture : Gaiman returns to the series that put him on the map!  Always a cause for celebration.  BONUS: JHWIII is doing some of the best painted interiors known to comix (as he does).  and issue two originally scheduled for the fall was delayed until February, so now's the perfect time to get on board!

3. Saga:  Two trades are available, and the third arc just wrapped in single issues.  Surely you are either reading this already, or you've been on safari for the last year and a half.  A must read for anyone old enough to handle adult themes such as child birth, and filthy enormous exposed testicles.  Srsly tho- Saga is epic beauty of the sci fi / fantasy variety.  Another genius notch in BKV's literary belt.

 4. Hawkeye:   Two trades are available here too.  Matt Fraction is a comics genius.  Ask anyone.  Including all of the reviewers from CBR who voted it the best book of 2013.  Better than all of the other amazing books I've already recommended!  That's insane!  and no small feat.  Two words :  Pizza Dog.  That's really what it all comes down to: inventive use of the medium.  You will understand after the final issue of book 2.

5. Batwoman Elegy: Amid all the drama of creative teams vs. editorial last fall resulting in dangling plot threads, it could be easy to forget that this book was once at the pinnacle of exciting artful comics in the mainstream.  Regardless of all that, and no matter how the new team does in stewarding this wayward "new" 52 book - it's foundations will always remain as solid as storytelling gets.  Do yourself a favor and read the story that first thrust this character much deservedly into the spotlight.  JHWIII painted interiors FTW ! (and yes the second Rucka book on this list as well, but hey at least I'm consistent.) 

1. Forever Evil #1: Story by Geoff Johns, Art by David Finch. This pick is really for the entire Forever Evil event, but September was the release of issue number #1. The JLA is dead, Earth's heroes are hunted and scattered. Backed by the power of the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3 (see Trinity War part 6) the villains are in control. But is the JLA really dead? And just how long can even the power of the Crime Syndicate keep all these villains in line, or will some see this as a chance to grasp ultimate power?

2. Villians Month: To coincide with Forever Evil all September long every DC title is taking a little time out to introduce you to all the villains, and boy are there a lot of them. The first wave had every one from Count Virtigo to Two-Face to Darkseid. These stories are not necessarily origin stories, but they will all help you understand these villains so much more. 3D covers have been allocated and are in hot demand so I would suggest getting to the shop early if you want first crack at them. This week is Harley Quinn!!

3. The Star Wars: Based on the original rough draft screen play of George Lucas The Star Wars is strangely familiar yet radically different from the anything you've seen in the movies. Luke is a grizzly old veteran general, Anakin is young and his last name is Starkiller. This was a great book for the art alone, it also helps that the story is well written. Big home run for Dark Horse.

4.  Lone Wolf & Cub Omnibus:  A peerless assassin and his boy. Together they have chosen to walk the Assassins Road with a single purpose of revenge. But can there be closer and redemption on this road? Or will it only lead to damnation? Recollected in awesome omnibus format from Dark Horse Comics now is the time to read this legendary epic.

5. New Funko Pops: Without a doubt this newest wave of Pops! is my favorite yet. Its all great and classic characters of the DC universe. Darkseid, Batman Beyond, Nightwing, and best of all Harley Quinn!  

1. Astro-Zombies Skateboards: Choose from 2 designs influenced by classic Skate Art, Possessed to Skate or Spray Paint The Walls. Both are 100% American made and top quality. Just ask out skate team what they think of them.

2. DMZ HC Volume 1: My love for this book knows no boundies and now it comes in a beautiful hardcover. Nuf Said. Get it and be ready for the TV Series on Syfy!!!!

3. Game of Thrones Figures: Amazing likenesses of your favorite characters from the still hot HBO Show. Only a couple are out so far but there are more to come. Don't be incomplete collect them all!!

4. Dungeonstone: Beautiful dungeon terrain for any gaming session. Use it in white, paint it flat black, or get elaborate. Any way you paint it will take your dungeon and your game to that next level.
5. Star Wars Black Series: Available in both 3 3/4" and 6" figures. Some of your favorite characters and some of the best looking Star Wars figures ever made. Don't sleep on this series!!!