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GI Joe 12" Firefly Figure

Out of stock

The 12” Firefly utilizes the Pro Body 1.1 with over 30+ points of articulation, complete with Firefly portrait, and is accompanied by 12” display base with Cobra logo. Firefly is a globally renowned saboteur and explosives expert whose identity, likeness and physical description are known to none. His connection to the Cobra organization is primarily a mercenary relationship, although he has operated on behalf of Cobra enough times that he could easily be perceived as a member of the organization. Cobra Commander transfers Firefly’s non-refundable advance payments to numbered Swiss bank accounts. Firefly was once a member of the Koga Ninja Clan known as the Faceless Master, serving as apprentice to Professor Onihashi, and his affiliation with the Arashikage Clan enabled him to oversee the training of both Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Declining from the assassination of Snake Eyes, Firefly instead referred the commander to Zartan, the latter of whom becomes a new apprentice of Onihashi.

Accessories/weapons include the following:

Detailed grey camouflage top with hood, Detailed grey camouflage pants, Detailed belt, Goggles, Tactical kneepads, Boots, Grey waterproof gaiters, Grey knit top, SMG magazine pouch, Triple magazine pouch, Radio pouch, Compass pouch (x2), SMG with silencer, SMG magazines (x4), Boot knife with sheath, Flash bangs (x2), Smoke grenades (x2), Backpack, Fragmentation grenades (x5), Mines (x4), Suitcase bomb, Radio detonator, Three sets of interchangeable gloved hands.
Comes Mint in Package
Package is C-8 or better
Perfect for opening or display