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GI Joe 25th Anniversary Roadblock

Out of stock
Roadblock: Heavy Machine Gunner, E-4 (Army corporal): Roadblock features a removable helmet. He’s equipped with a M-2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun w/ tripod. Roadblock, a would-be gourmet chef, was recruited to become an army chef only to become disheartened by army cuisine; this disenchantment caused Roadblock to transfer to infantry.

Figure comes mint in sealed package.

Package is C-8 or better. Perfect for opening or display.


Please note that Hasbro produced this figure in different packaging. Some are in the Foil with the 25th Anniversary logo and others are packaged with the comic or TV Show logo and non-foil packaging.  These are picked at random as only the packaging is different. If you have a preference please email us or call prior to ordering to ensure we have the version you are looking for.