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Astro-Zombies Exclusive Indie Spotlight Series 2 Clear Blue Tick

Price: $19.99
Indie Spotlight Series 2 Figure done in LIMITED EDITION clear blue
An Astro-Zombies EXCLUSIVE
Only 500 made
Indie Spotlight Series 02: The Tick is a super-articulated figure set in 6” scale, and is accompanied by a comic book. Clad in a garish blue costume complete with stabilizing antennae, the Tick, along with his stalwart sidekick Arthur, is a self-appointed guardian of The City. Nearly indestructible, capable of surviving vacuum, the Tick is imbued with superhuman strength further augmented by his ‘drama power’ ability. The Tick and Arthur are occasionally joined by the likes of American Maid, Sewer Urchin and Die Fledermaus in opposition of noted supervillains such the Man-Eating Cow, the Breadmaster, and Chairface Chippendale.
In addition to Tick-based and other accessories that are to come with each figure, the UPC codes from all of the figures in Indie Spotlight Series 02 can be mailed in for a free figure of the Tick’s sidekick Arthur.
Figure will ship Mint in Package
Packaging will be C-8 or better
Perfect for opening or display.