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Marvel Legends Icons 12" Series 2 Dr Doom

Out of stock
The 12” Marvel Icons are larger counterparts to Marvel Legends with 30 points of articulation. Each Icon includes an interactive display base and a book with a full history of the character.

This is one of the more inspired versions of Doctor Doom. Sheathed in his intricate mechanized armor, Doom appears to have a real fabric tunic and hooded cloak. This is a classic interpretation of Doctor Doom with a slightly modernized edge. The armor and segmented gauntlets retain the familiar cruel medieval look, though the mask is given a slight facial caricature.

Doctor Doom is a textbook example of a classic supervillain. His foundation is a structure of tyrannical ruthlessness, but he’s also extremely textured and complex, existing far beyond the need of self-justification and following his own sort of code. Doom’s computer-powered armor or even his mastery of the esoteric arts serve as much of his power, giving him great strength and durability, enabling him to trade punches with the Thing or contradict the powers of the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman, but Doom’s primary resource is his great intellect, and in this arena, he finds himself at a constant stalemate with the mind of Reed Richards.

Figure comes mint in sealed package.

Package is C-8 or better. Perfect for opening or display.