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Marvel Legends Icons 12" Series 2 Punisher

Price: $29.99
Out of stock
The 12” Marvel Icons are larger counterparts to Marvel Legends with 30 points of articulation. Each Icon includes an interactive display base and a book with a full history of the character.

This is a more modernized, less formal version of the Punisher, clad in a Punisher-emblem T-shirt, black fatigues and combat boots he is outfitted with holstered pistols, a sheathed knife, and is armed with an assault rifle. The Punisher is cool. Unlike a garden variety superhero, the Punisher has no qualms with running down malicious lowlife and expending an entire clip to make sure the job’s done.

In the wake of the slaughter of his family, the Punisher declared war on anything even vaguely related to crime. Initially, the Punisher was misguided by the manipulations of the Jackal and he fell at odds with Spider-Man. The Punisher is justice ascended to a higher tier of purity. He remains contemptuous of any form of compromise. His entire existence, disciplined and regimented, is dedicated to avenging his family, to the extent that he has more or less dissolved any further connections with women or anyone else. The Punisher concedes only one solitary indulgence: His need for justice.

Figure comes mint in sealed package.

Package is C-8 or better. Perfect for opening or display.