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Marvel Legends Icons 12" Series 3 Silver Surfer

Out of stock
The 12” Marvel Icons are larger counterparts to Marvel Legends with 30 points of articulation. Each Icon includes an interactive display base and a book with a full history of the character. The Silver Surfer is a humanoid alien with a sleek muscular form and a shimmering, nearly indestructible exterior. This version of the Surfer appears to a have a modified cranial and facial cast to present a slightly more alien countenance. The Surfer figure is equipped with his surfboard accessory.

Though he might not look it, the Surfer is one of the more durable superheroes in the Marvel line-up. Originally he was a Herald under the sway of planet-devouring Galactus, and was dispatched to prepare the Earth for the coming of Galactus’ monstrous appetite. However, when the Surfer developed (very obviously misplaced) sympathy for the good and noble populace of Earth, siding against Galactus, he was summarily fired from his post and temporarily remanded to the Earth atmosphere. He did apparently retain the bulk of his cosmic power, which enabled him to pursue a new destiny as a superhero.

Figure comes mint in sealed package.

Package is C-8 or better. Perfect for opening or display.