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4.30.19 This Saturday May 4th is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. We will be having a huge in-store sale as well as our annual sidewalk sale. Things kick off at 11am, there will be free comics all day and even a costume contest. Hope to see everyone there!

4.28.19 Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote. We were voted #1 Comic shop for the 18th straight year. It's an honor to be thought of like that and we thank each and every one of you. We owe a huge debt of thanks to each of you for making us the shop we are and also to the entire staff who all make Astro-Zombies what it is!

Dec 26th
Our end of the year sales are going on. Don't miss out on huge svings thru out the store!! Now thru New YEars Eve!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Sleeping Bag Drive. We collected 216 bags and passed them our in the coummunity on Christmas Eve. We couldn't do this each year without your support, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

Dec 15th 2018:
Need the perfect gift? Come browse the largest selection of new vinyl LP's in the city. Miles Davis to Black Flag, The Beatles to The Cure, we carry it all!!!

Nov 23 & 24 2018:

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday we will be open regular hours and will have savings and sales thru out the store.

November 20th 2018
Our annual sleeping bag drive is going on now!!! From now thru X-mas Eve we will be collecting new, adult, cold weather sleeping bags. For each bag you donate you will receive an entry into a raffle for prizes from local retailers as well as some of our business partners. A full list of prize contributors will be available soon. Then on X-mas Eve after work the staff goes out and distributes the bags to the people in our community who need them. Last year we did 185+ bags and we hope to do even more this year. Please contact us for more info!! (please note this event is NOT associated with Albuquerque Comic Con)

December 26th 2017
Are you ready for this??? Friday January 12th from 12-1pm we will be hosting an in-store signing with none other than Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein of The Misfits. Joining Doyle will be Sin Quirin of Ministry. Don't miss your chance to meet them.

Also that night, The Faction will be playing The Kiva. The band features Skateboarding legend Steve Caballero. Tickets are available in store now.

December 25th 2017:
This year's Sleeping Bag Drive was a HUGE success. We gave away 185 bags in under 2 hours. Thank you very much to everyone who participated, because of you we were able to help so many people this year. Let's make next year's event even bigger!!!

November 17 2017:

Our annual sleeping bag drive is going on now!!! From now thru X-mas Eve we will be collecting new, adult, cold weather sleeping bags. For each bag you donate you will receive an entry into a raffle for prizes from local retailers as well as some of our business partners. A full list of prize contributors will be available soon. Then on X-mas Eve after work the staff goes out and distributes the bags to the people in our community who need them. Last year we do 130+ bags and we hope to do even more this year. Please contact us for more info!!

We will be having huge sales for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday so be sure to stopby and check them out.

Dec 2nd is the annual Twinkle Light Parade in Nob Hill. We will be open late that night and hope everyone will stop by.

Dec 7th is the annual Nob Hill Shop & Stroll. We will be open til at least 10pm, have huge sales and so much more. Central will be closed to traffic and the whole neighborhood will be decorated for the holidays

March 21, 2017
We are both honored and humbled to announce that we have been voted #1 comic shop in Albuquerque for the 16th straight year by readers of the Weekly Alibi in their Biest of Burque contest. We can not thank you all enough and all I can say personally is, if it wasn't for you the customers and the amazing staff here, this shop would not be what it is. Thank you VERY MUCH!!!


December 1st, 2016
It's time for our annual Holiday Sleeping Bag Drive. For each new, cold weath, adult sized sleeping bag you donate you get entered into a raffle with tons of great prizes. This years prizes are donated by Astro-Zombies, BZ Skate Shop, Rude Boy Cookies, Masks Y Mas, Archetype Dermigraphic Studio, Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory and Funko Toys. We will collect bags thru X-mas Eve. The winners will be picked that afternoon and that evening we will go out after we close and pass them out to those in need. Thanks as always for your continued support on this much needed project.

April 8th, 2016
Just a reminder that Saturday May 7th is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. We will be having a huge in-store sale, our annual sidewalk sale including 1000's of $1 comics and of course we will be giving away 1000's of comics as well. Hope to see you there.

April 7th, 2016
Thank you to everyone who voted. We were voted #1 Comic shop for the 15th straight year. It's an honor to be thought of like that and we thank each and every one of you. I owe a huge debt of thanks to each of you for making us the shop we are and also to my entire staff who all make Astro-Zombies what it is!. We were also voted
Best Mural in the city. While it is very flattering the real congrats should go to the artist Dave Briggs. His work is incredible and we are just lucky to be its home!! Check Dave's work out at
March 24th, 2016
The first of our new record racks have begun to arrive. Keep checking back as we fine tune and continue to expand our vinyl selection even more. We have everything from Hip Hop to Jazz, Surf to Metal, Classic Rock and 80s Alternative. Plus we are the largest selection of Punk and Hardcore in the state of New Mexico. Haven't seen it yet? What are you waiting for??

March 23rd , 2016
Tomorrow, Tursday the 24th from 4-6PM The CW will be here giving away free posters and t-shirts to the first 100 people. Plus The Flash will be here and maybe some more surprises. Be sure to stop by and check it out. Only at Astro-Zombies!!

March 21st, 2016
At this weekend's Diamond Comics Summit in Chicago we were awarded Best Exterior Store Sign in the comic industry. Yes this is a worldwide award and we couldn't be more honored by this. The real award should go to the artist, Dave Briggs. We are just lucky enough to join him for the ride. Thank you for this incredible honor.

November 4th, 2015
10% off all in stock vinyl this weekend. Be sure to mention the salebefore we ring you up. Includes LPs and 7"s, new and used!!!

August 11, 2015
Be sure to stop in and check out our rapidly growing selection of vinyl. We specialize in Punk/Hardcore but carry many other genres as well.

July 17th, 2015:
Just a reminder Saturday July 18th is Summerfest in Nob Hill. We will be open late and there will be plenty of food, fun and entertainment for the entire family. Plus, we will be running huge sales all day. Hope to see you there!

April 17th, 2015:
Get Ready....May 2nd is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. We will be putting on a huge even once again. Besides 1000s of free comics (3 per person) there will be a huge in-store sale and our annual sidewalk sale. Come early for the best selection. We will also have Comic Crusaders of NM and Princess Unicorn on hand. These are some of the best cosplayers around so meet your favorite characters and take some pictures too.  We expect a massive turn out again this year and there will probably be a little wait to get into the store but we promise it will be worth it!! See ya then!

November 19th:
Our 6th Annual Sleeping Bag Drive is underway. For every new, cold weather sleeping bag you donate you will be entered into a raffle to win some amazing prizes from the sponsors including Astro-Zombies, BZ Skate Shop, ABQ Trolley Co, Rude Boy Cookie Co, Funko Toys, Turtle Mountain Brewery, Ryde Shack, Masks Y Mas, Cila Salon & Archetype Dermigraphic Studio. The prizes range from gift certificates to even a new snowboard. Winners will be picked on X-Mas Eve and that night we will go out and distribute the bags to those in need. Please consider taking part in this annual tradition!!

November 13th:
Playboy magazine and Cullen Bunn named us one of the Top Ten Comic Shops in America!!! This is a huge honor. Check it out here

October 8 2014:

About time we gave you a news update...mark your calendars  Saturday October 25th is Halloween ComicFest. Like Free Comic Book Day but in October, there will be free comics for everyone (while supplies last) a huge sidewalk sale and more. We are trying to put together a costume contest again so if you are interested, let us know. More info as we get closer. Hope to see you there.

April 9: The newest episode of The Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show is up now! Be sure to check it out

April 2: Thank you to everyone who voted in Best of Burque! We were voted Best Comic Shop for the 13th year in a row. Plus we were voted Best Mural and 2nd best toy store. It is a huge honor to be thought of that way. We would not be the shop we are without each of you. Thank you very much for these honors!!

February 19th: The newest issue of The Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show is up now. You can check it out on our YouTube channel

February 12: Be sure to check out The Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show. Our new weekly comic review video.

also featured on  You can check out this weeks issue here

Comic books have been around for many years, providing children and adult collectors the thrill of stepping out of their daily routine and into a world of make believe. The trend of telling stories through the use of pictures actually dates back to the second century AD where the Romans created sequential pictures that told a narrative. Even the Egyptians used hieroglyphics to express stories. This love of telling stories via pictures has evolved into the modern comic books.

The Invention of the Printing Press

With the invention of the printing press, the ability to create pictures and words in mass quantities made the use of pictures to tell stories more feasible. It also allowed for greater distribution. One of the first comic creators is attributed to William Hogarth. He wasn't the only one who was creating these sequential picture stories and processing them on the new printing presses. Caricatures and satirical storylines were also becoming popular during this time. By 1845, they became known as cartoons and were gaining popularity.

The Birth of Cartoons and Comics

Once cartoons received their name, they began to appear in many places. Magazines would feature these pieces as a way to get ideas across or to add some humor to otherwise serious situations. Newspapers were also picking up these cartoons and printing them as part of their regular publication process. Many of these comics appeared in the strip form, with earlier versions even including the speech bubbles, though these bubbles did fall out of favor for a period of time as well.

Modern Comics

Modern comics are the comics most people are familiar with and turn to as a memory from their childhoods. The 1920s and 30s provided changes to the format for these popular comics. For instance, the Chinese distributed the comics in small handheld book forms. The British took the comics that were intended for adults up to this point and transformed them into humorous stories that appealed mainly to children. The Japanese even created their own form of comics, called Manga, around the time of World War II.

As the second half of the 20th century approached, comics began to take on the form of small books. These are the types of comics that many people still collect today. In addition to creating these book series styles of comics, they also appeared regularly in newspapers around the country. Today, comics are still popular in their book forms, as well as in newspapers, particularly the Sunday paper. However, they are also making their way onto the big screen through major motion pictures. In addition to movies, several TV shows revolving around comics have aired. You can find syndicated comic inspired programming at

Comics have a long, rich history that many people aren't even aware of. The use of pictures to tell stories dates back to ancient times before books were even created. As time has passed, though, the form that these comics took has changed and they have evolved into the modern comic that so many people love today. If you are someone who enjoys reading comics for fun or you are a collector, learning about their full history can be fun and entertaining, almost as much as reading the comics themselves.

December...Our 5th Annual Sleeping Bag Drive is going on now. For each new, cold weather sleeping bag you bring you get entered into a raffle with amazing prizes from Masks Y Mas, Ryde Shack, Archetype Dermigraphics, Albuquerque Comic Con, Albuquerque Comic Expo, ABQ Trolley Co, Turtle Mountain Brewery, and Funko Toys. You can make a difference this holiday season AND win great prizes. We hope you will join us!!

October 20th For those who don't know we have begun a clothing line and also have our first skateboard deck coming out in October. To celebrate the occasion we filmed our first online commercial. We hope you will check it out and maybe take the time to share the link with family and friends. Enjoy it and meet Spacoli, who we are sponsoring as the first rider for our skate team!

August 23rd..... More than time for an update and this is a good one. We are renovating part of The Annex and we will be doing Art Shows in the coming months. The frist show is "All Those Eyes' featuring the art of Adam Padilla. Scheduled for October 12th at 7pm. More info as we get closer but be sure to mark your calendars. This will be Adam's only show before he moved back to LA. Dont miss it!!!

May 2nd....This Saturday May 4th is Free Comic Book Day!!!!  We will kick off with free books as well as our annual sidewalk sale and huge instore sale at 11am. At Noon our signings with Tim Seeley and Aaron Campbell will start. Later in the day we will have our raffle and of course throughout the day we will have cosplayers dressed as your favorite characters hanging out as well. Dont miss it!!!!

May 1st..... At the annual comic industry summit in Chicago this week we won a Reatiler Best Practices Award for Best Store Sign for our now world reknown mural. Thank you to everyone who voted for us and to the artist, Dave Briggs for doing such an amazing job. The award is quite an honor and we cant say thank you enough!!!!

April 3rd....We were voted #1 Comic Shop by the readers of The Weekly Alibi!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who voted and who feel we deserve this honor. It's nice to know all of our hard work pays off and people are happy with us. Most of all thank you to The Astro-Boys (and girl!!)!! Without them we would not be the shop we are!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

March 15th....We were voted #1 Comic Shop by the readers of Local-IQ!! We can not say what an honor it is and how much it means to us that we are thought of in this light. Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to vote and thought we were worthy. We couldnt do it without you and wouldnt be what we are without our extended Astro-Family!!!! THANK YOU!!

March 12th
....we have 2 very exciting events planned for March 30th......First up is meet Bryan Glass of Image Comics Mice Templar!! We will be having The Release Party for the new series Legend!! Pick up a copy 5 days before release and meet the creator!!!!! Its gonna be a fun afternoon..BUT WAIT theres more.....It is also International Tabletop Day. We will be have game demos in The Annex and showing off some of the latest and greatest games so be sure to come by and check them out!!! Signing starts at Noon and gaming at 1pm!!

March 5th....

Batman Knows How to Keep Our Attention

What is it about The Batman that keeps our attention? Readers have been picking up comics with the Caped Crusader for decades. The year was 1939, in fact, when he first appeared in Detective Comics #27, a release by National Publications, which would go on to become DC. Readers loved the Batman and before long the superhero was spun off into his own line of comics along with his alter ego business tycoon and orphan Bruce Wayne. The character comes from conflicted roots and from this heart of conflict emerges the controversy that has surrounded the Batman name for decades.

This is what has kept the series great and readers glued to the pages for so long. It takes these rich plot turns in the story to keep hooking in longtime fans and converting new followers to the cape and cowl. We never know what is going to happen and love it. Curiosity, to find out what developments take place within the Batman universe, draws us like moths to the flame. This dark and mysterious character has captivated all ranks of society and been showcased in essentially every major media form of the 20th century including print, radio, television and movies.

By introducing captivating plot twists and remaining on the cutting edge, fringe of age appropriate story telling the Batman saga has remained popular even as its fandom has aged. Epic moments in the character's development throughout the years keep us asking questions and curious about what is around the next page turn. He strikes a stark contrasts as an anti-hero amongst many others in the superhero genre, particularly Superman. As just a regular man with only his intellect and natural abilities to aid in the pursuit of criminals, it is easier for us to identify our connections to his experiences. We are not alien or endowed with capabilities far outside the range of most of humanity.

Issues such as murder, mental health, and politics are often dealt with in the pages of the comic while topics like lawless vigilantism and questions about the character's sexuality are brought up in the real world. Batman has always been and will likely continue to be a controversial figure in whatever media form DC aspires to find success.

The growing popularity of comics has made waves all aspects of our lives.  You can't go to the movies without seeing a line out the door for the most recent comic movie.  Batman and DC comics such as Superman can be seen on all sorts of merchandise, professional sports players tattoos, and even in some online games and even some online bingo gaming concepts played from home. It's easy to guess that the ongoing attraction towards these characters will only grow as movie budgets increase and more video games use these characters to attract a younger audience.

March 3rd..... Astro-Zombies is proud to be carrying Dungeonstone products. Perfect for any fantasy gaming where you want to create a 3-d enviroment!! Be sure to check them out next time youre in. You can take a peak at their stuff at 

February 9th......Keep an eye on The Annex. Painting begins this week on a new mural next to our world famous Astro-Zombies mural...what could it be??? Ive seen the sketches and its going to be EPIC!!!!

February 8th...Coming up on February 23rd at 1pm we will be holding our first customs class featuring Funko Pop Vinyl Figures. Want to learn to make your own figure or want to see how its done? Then come on by! The class is $10 to cover the cost of the figure and its first come first serve so sign up now! We will supply everything else you will need

February 8th..."The Annex" which for those of you who dont know is our gaming space next door to our shop is open. Friday night is Heroclix night and we are working on setting up some other game nights and classes as well as other fun stuff. Be sure to check our Facebook page or check the schedule next time you are in the store. Also be sure to check out our ever growing gaming selection featuring Warhammer, D&D, Pathfinder, Heroclix, Munchkin, Dominion and more. We also have a huge selection of Reaper Minis as well. So come get your game on at Astro-Zombies.

February 7th...Saturday March 2nd come meet Brandon Scott Jensen of the comic Lunaria. He will be on hand to meet and greet ya as well as show off pre-release copies of issue #2. This is an up and coming book so be sure to check it out!

January 26th 2013
..Jim McCann of Image Comics "Mind The Gap" will be here starting at noon. He will be signing books and greeting fans so be sure to stop by and say hi. If you havent checked "Mind The Gap" out yet be sure to check it out next time youre in the store!!

January 31st @ 6pm will be an open night of gaming for Warhammer 40K. Be sure to stop by and check it out. This will be nexy door in our new Gaming Annex.

Lots going on in January so be sure to check out these exciting events.....

Coming up on January 11th 2013 meet Kevin LePorte and Amanda Rachels. The recently worked on a book called "Clown Town" and Amanda also did a graphic novel called "The Book for Arcana. they will be here from 4-6 that day so be sure to stop by.

January 12th 2013 be sure to stop in and meet the twins behind Declan and Chang. John and Matt Yuan will be here starting at noon gretting fans old and new and signing copies of their comics (you MAY recognize them from something else too but we're a comic shop so lets focus!!). This is gonna be a lot of fun so be sure to stop by!

December 17th
Our 4th annual Sleeping Bag Drive is going on now! For every new. adult sized, cold weather sleeping bag you donate you will be entered into a raffle to win some great prizes including gift cards from Turtle Mountain Brewrey, Masks Y Mas, Annapurna Vegetarian Cafe, and Astro-Zombies. But even if you dont "win" you are still contributing to a great cause. The staff will go out X-mas Eve after we close and distribute the bags to members of the homeless community here in Albuquerque. So you are helping out a cause that is in much need. We hope you will participate. Thank you and thank you to those who donated prizes!
November 8th

Comics Cause! is a new charity venture we have started. The purpose is to raise money for grassroots organizations doing what we feel is positive work in their local communities. With Hurricane Sandy ravaging the East Coast, we felt that would be a good place to start. We have teamed up with comic artists like Brian Pulido, Aaron Campbell, Matt Frank, Sina Grace, Stan Sakai, Jeffrey Brown, Andy Kuhn, Brandon Scott Jansen and others to begin doing charity auctions of original comic art, statues and other items. All the profits raised in these auctions will be donated to various organizations. So far we have given $250 to a family in Florida who is purchasing items and driving trucks to NJ to personally hand out. The second donation was $350 to the Interfaith Community Services in NY. They run a weekly food program in Thompkins Square Park. In the aftermath of the Hurricane they have been trying to do more days during the week and have seen a huge increase in the number of people showing up daily. This is all volunteer run and a great cause. We have more auctions going on at Ebay under username lotussound. Be sure to check them out and place a bid. Its for some great causes!!!  Also a HUGE thank you to some of the individuals who either donated money or other items for our auctions!

November 7th
This Saturday, November 10th from 12-6pm stop by and meet Jeffrey Brown. He will be here signing copies of his lates book Darth Vader & Son. Dont miss this chance to meet one of the coolest people in indy comics!!!
And the following Saturday November 17th stop by to see Andy Kuhn. He will be signing copies of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and talking comics and the rock music with his fans!
October 9th
Tomorrow Wednesday October 10th we are kicking off Marvel Now! with an Uncanny Avengers Party. We will have plenty of copies of issue #1 available along with many of the variant covers. Plus a huge in-store marvel sale as well. Be sure to stop by and check it out!!
August 8th
"Komic Shop Kommandos" The newest issue of our podcast is up now. Be sure to check it out at
August 1st
New signings are up in our Events sections. Be sure to check them out.
July 4th
Congratulations to Paul Ziomek!!! He was the winner of our TMNT Contest!! Thank you to everyone who entered!!
July 3rd
Be sure to check out our youtube channel with some killer videos from recent events and happenings at Astro-Zombies
We've picked a winner in our TMNT contest..listen to the newest issue of our podcast on July4th for the announcement....
Due June 30th Dont Miss It.....
Our TMNT Cover contest is still going on. Seems to be a LOT of interest in this one. Dont let that discourage you..someone will win and have their art used as the cover of an upcoming issue...why not you???
June 27th 2012
Be sure to check out our newest podcast issue 7 "Radio Free DMZ".

The Maxx, Franken-Castle, Willverine, Santi, and very special guest and local comic creator Soto of The Wild Adventures of Trunks and Soto, talk AVX, Astonishing X-Men #51, Saga, Lil Depressed Boy, Anthony Bourdain's Get Jiro! and much more with the owner of Albuquerque's #1 comic shop, Mike D'Elia.

We also discuss the conclusion of Brian Wood's DMZ and our overall opinions of the edgy Vertigo series. Excelsior!

June 26th 2012
This Sunday July 1st from 2-3 pm stop by Astro-Zombies to see Batmans Tumbler from The Dark Knight Rises Movie. It will be on display for you to check out and take pictures with so dont miss this awesome opportunity, only at Astro-Zombies!!!
June 25th 2012
Mark your calendars...Saturday November 10th we will be having a signing with comic artist/creator Jeffrey Brown. he will be here promoting his newest book Darth Vader & Son. This is going to be a great event so dont miss it!!!
June 4th 2012
Be sure to mark your calendars. Saturday June 16th come meet Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads. They will be signing copies of The Activity Trade Paperback!!! If you havent checked it out yet, be sure to pick it up. They will be here for most of the day some stop by and say hello
June 1st 2012
The Astro-Boys podcasts are available thru Itunes. Be sure check in every week for another exciting issue!!
May 25th 2012
The first episode of The Astro-Boys Podcast "Issue #1 Foil Variant" is up and ready for you to check out. Hope you will all check it out!!
May 17th 2012
Astro-Zombies and Funko have teamed up to bring you THE EXCLUSIVE .....Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper Pop Vinyl Figure in his Flash t-shirt. This is a limited exclusive ONLY available thru Astro-Zombies. Pre-orders are up now and will be arriving late June. Dont miss it Funatics!!!

Now thru the end of June 2012
We have teamed up with IDW Publishing to bring you THE CONTEST of the YEAR!!! Draw a full color picture of the outside of our store featuring our COMIC sign and either our name from the front angle or our oval logo from the side angle and all 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. At the end of June we will pick a winner and that persons art will be used as a FULL COLOR COVER for an upcoming Astro-Zombies Exclusive issue of TMNT. Dont miss this great chance to get your foot in the door of the comic industry. Call or email for more details and good luck!!!
May 4th 2012
Dont forget tomorrow is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!  Huge sales thru out the store and a giant sidewalk sale. Also meet Comic Artist/Creators Matt Frank, S Steven Struble, and Aaron Campbell. Dont miss it!!

April 14th 2012
Thank you  We are now a Funko Direct Retailer. Tons of POP! Vinyl figures in stock now and many more to come.
April 4th 2012 
Thank you to everyone who voted in Best of Burque Contest. We won "Best Comic Shop" for the 11th straight year. Its an honor to be thought of like this and really appreciate each and every one of you. We have the best customers around. So thank you to the entire Astro-Zombies Family and my amazing staff as well!!!!! Here's to 11 more years!!!!!
March 1st
We were voted #1 Comic Shop in Albuquerque by the readers of