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Sideshow GI Joe 12" Storm Shadow

Out of stock

The coils of the COBRA organization spread across the globe gathering intelligence, committing acts of sabotage and carrying out assassinations to further their goal of world domination. One of those coils is the ninja known as Storm Shadow. Silent, methodical, merciless and unflinching, Storm Shadow serves COBRA as its primary assassin but, more importantly, as the personal bodyguard of the maniacal Cobra Commander.

Born Thomas Arashikage in the United States, he continued thirty generations of tradition and trained in Japan with the Arashikage Ninja Clan. Eventually joining the United States military, he served alongside and befriended the man who would become the enigma known as Snake-Eyes. Upon completing his tour of duty, Arashikage returned to Japan only to be framed for the murder of his uncle and leader of the Arashikage clan, the Hard Master. Learning that COBRA was responsible, he called himself Storm Shadow and joined the organization intent on discovering the identity of his uncle's assassin. Upon realizing the intensity of Storm Shadow's vengeance, Cobra Commander deceptively informed the ninja that he knew the identity of the Hard Master's killer and persuaded Storm Shadow to become his personal bodyguard. Committing his unwavering loyalty to the Commander, Storm Shadow became Cobra Commander's most trusted pawn. The Commander employs his ninja agent to instill fear in his enemies and, if need be, deliver their ultimate demise. Many lives have met their end at the hands of Storm Shadow, and it is said that the white light some see as they die is actually their final fleeting glimpse of Storm Shadow as he has carried out his mission.
* Fully articulated Prometheus male body with 30+ points of articulation
* Storm Shadow masked portrait
* Storm Shadow unmasked portrait
* Undershirt
* Vest
* Pants
* Boots
* Sashes with pockets
* Forearm Bracers
* Leg wraps
* Detailed belt
* Quiver
* Bow
* Arrows
* Ninja stars
* Long sword with scabbard
* Short sword with scabbard
* Nine interchangeable hands
* 12-inch display base with G.I. Joe logo
Comes mint in package
Box is C-9
Perfect for the mint in package collector