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Terminator 2 Series 3 Set of 4 Figures

MSRP: $67.99
Price: Individual figures may be available please inquire
Out of stock
He's back! And he brought company this time!

Two brand new versions of the T-800 are premiering in our new Series 3 of the popular Terminator 2 line. The Battle Across Time figure is fully poseable and comes with a Shotgun and Plasma Rifle, while the Steel Mill T-800 comes with the pistol and the grenade launcher.

The relentless villain makes his figure debut in the 3rd series. The Galleria T-1000 as he first appears in his police uniform pursuing John Connor in the shopping mall. The figure features 5 interchangeable hands and a pistol. Also the heads, hands, and forearms can be interchanged between this figure and the Pescadero (Battle Damaged) to create your own unique version.

The battle damaged Pescadero T-1000 shows the damage he endures when he first meets up with the T-800 in the Pescadero Hospital. The highly detailed figure features bullet wounds, hook arms, and 2 different heads. An exploded head after taking a shotgun blast, and a split head as he forms back together.

Articulation includes Ball-Jointed Neck, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, and Swivel Waist. This set is to include the following figures:

1x T-800 (Battle Across Time)
1x T-800 (Steel Mill)
1x T-1000 (Galleria)
1x T-1000 (Pescadero Battle Damaged

All come mint in package. Each Package is C-8 or better, perfect for opening or display.
Individual figures available please call or email for availability